The uses of fruits for skin

The fruits are using at medicine for skin


           Apple is rich in nutrients as there is a saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".Make the paste of an apple and apply it as face pack is gives a glowing look. Rub the peels of apple on the feets of hands they will become soft and glowing.
            It rejuvenates the skin because of it's vitamin A effect.It contains poly unsaturated fats and is very good for skin creams. It lighten the stretch marks and smooths away wrinkles. It used in body and hand creams besides being an important ingredient of the face packs.
             Useful for facepack. It's pulp used with or without yoghurt as a face mask is very effective to make skin free of blemishes. For removing the blemishes from hands rub the slices of unrip banana over them. Also you can mix a few drops of coconut/olive oil or a little honey of a pulp of unrip banana to make an excellent face and hand pack.
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