To Treat Rough Hair

To Treat Rough Hair


  • Egg
  • Olive oil                    2 tsp
  • mashed avocado       few pieces


  1. Mixed The Beat an egg, olive oil, mashed avocado.
  2. The mixer is the collected for the cup.
  3. The Mixer is applied for the rough hair.
  4. After 15 minutes wait for mixer in your hair.
  5. Take bath with clean water and Sampoo.
  6. This is the easy way of the treat for Rough hair.

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Easy way of Facial skin

Easy way of Facial skin


  1. To spread the white egg on the cup.
  2. The white egg is setup for the face.
  3. After 10 minutes wait for the face.
  4. Then the face wash with the clean water.
  5. This is the easy way for the Facial.
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To make a beautiful eyes

  • To use a mascara and eyes shadow lightly so that natural beauty is not lost.
  • The look of eyes also depends upon shape of eyebrows, so while getting them shaped be careful.
  • If your hairs of eyebrow and eyelashes are very light then use a eyebrow pencil lightly and eye liner, mascara.
  • Before you go to bed remove all eye liner, mascara and eyes shadows as they spoil the skin, and skin around your eyes very sensitive.
  • If there are dark circles under eyes then apply cleansing milk over it allow for 10 minutes and wipe of with moist cotton.
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How to remove the things hair


  • Shaving is not recommended here because skin may become blotchy due to shaving and regrowth of the hair gets stubbly and unattractive.
  • Mild hair removing creams should be used because skin in this region is soft. Waxing will also be painful.

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Tips of grains and foods


1) Aloevera:
           The aloevera is the use of the skins and use for the smooth hairs.

2) Egg:
          Egg provides a facelift by tightening the pores and nourishing the skin. The white part of an egg is a wonderful cleanser. Apply it on your head an hour before you shampoo for a special conditioning effect. Beat an egg and mix it with two teaspoons of brandy and apply before washing your hair.

3) Potato:
          It helps in cleaning in the skin blemishes. Grate potatoes and extract the juicesand apply it to the skins. Potato juice has a tightening effect and it helps in reducing paffiness around the eyes. Mix cream or milk and a pinch of turmeric powder in smashed potatoes. Apply this as a face pack. Grind the raw potato, wrap it in a thin cloth and keep this cloth covering over the eyes. This removes the eye blachness.
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Easy way to clean bathroom

Bath room care


  1. This steps followed after wash the cloth.
  2. Stick wet hankies on to clean tiles on the side walls of the bath room.
  3. They will not fall down.
  4. When dry and will look well ironed when removed
  5. This is the easy way of clean the bath room.
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Tips for carrying your hands


  • Whenever you wash clothes, clean dishes wash off your hands with soft soaps and wipe with clean towel or napkin, keep them dry. Apply vaseline, petroleum jelly or little coconut oil and take a light massage.
  • In winter skin loses moistures and becomes dry then daily apply petroleum jelly, cold creams. or in the morning before bath apply creme(milk top) massage for 10 minutes and have bath after 1/2 hour.
  • If you rub a lemon over the skin of elbow it will remove dead and hard skin, makes it soft.
  • Remove your nails regularly, if you want to leave themshape neatly atleast weakly once and see that dust is not accumulated anywhere.
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To remove the pimples


      To take a ingredients of 1 tblspn of Multani matti powder, 1 tblspn of Honey, 1 tspn of carrot juice and 1/2 tspn of Garlic paste are Blend into all these together and apply this mask on the face for 20 minutes. After that wash off with luke warm water. Never forget to give a cold water rinse because the pores which gets openedby luke warm water wash get contracted if you rinced of with cold water.

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