Hair fall is easily solved method

 Ginger Juice         -2 tbsp
 lemon Juice         -1 tbsp

 1.Mixed the lemon juice,lemon juice on the cup.
 2.The Mixer is set the up of the hair.
 3.After 1 hours wait and set the hair.
 4.Take both and the wash clean water.
 5.The hair fall problems are easily solved.

How to stop the continuously crying baby!

To stop the continuously crying baby:
   Warm water
  1. To take the one or two drops honey on the spoon.
  2. And add to the warm water in bowl.
  3. That honey will eat to him.
  4. The baby will stop crying and sleep well.

To keep the coriander leaves long life

Keep coriander leaves long life:
   Take the coriander and cut the roots.
   And the coriander leaves are placed from the polythene bag lined with lined newspaper.
   To keep this method from the leaves are fresh in long life.

To decrease the weight

  • Honey
  • Warm water
             To decrease weight from take a one teaspoon of honey.
             Add with the warm water.
            To drink it daily at early morning at empty stomach.
            To take this method daily to one or two months.

Easy skin bleaching method

           Eno salt                         1/4 tsp
             Cream                                    1 tsp  
             curd and lime juice           1 tsp
  1. Mixed the Eno Salt,cream,curd,lime juice in to the cup.
  2. Apply for the mixture and fixed the face.
  3. After 30 means set the face.
  4. Then clean the face cool water.
  5. This is the Excellent skin bleaching method particularly for ladies .
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