During pregnancy ginger help morning sickness

Question : I have heard suggested for travel sickness and has helped with morning sickness . Is this true ?


Answer : It is often suggested for travel sickness and has helped many women with this particular type of nausea . You might like to try taking powder , dissolved in hot water , or in capsules to see whether it can help you .

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Where is the best place to put medicine chest ?

Question : Where is the best place to put medicine chest ?


Answer : The ideal situation is near where you are going to need it in case of accident , and this is usually  in the kitchen or living area . You should choose a cool and dry place , out of the reach of children .




How to Control sex-feelings ?

How to Control sex-feelings ?

Now sex-feelings are very common to all . It's very nature to all . Now you can't completely control 
sex-feelings, you can still try to keep of by engaging yourself with something interesting when you are hot by sex-feelings. If you are control sex-feelings you can control everything in world.

Sex-urge is so potential that you can barely manage to divert from it, but can still not avert it. Some day it knocks you down and you end up gratifying it. So it will be futile to grapple with controlling sex-feelings. If you do not satiate your sex-urge intermittently, it will always be playing up in your mind all the time and you will find it hard to concentrate on anything. So it is better to give it a way.

How to satisfy wife on bed

How to satisfy wife on bedroom 

1 )  Love Each other 
Sex cannot wonderful unless the husband and wife love each other . Love means being kind to each other - not just in bed - but during the day as well 

2 )  Take plenty of time for loveplay

Don't worry before you enter, spend much time enjoying loveplay ..
until your wife is so excited that her orgasm is near ... then enter

3 )  Control your thoughts 

During loveplay , a wife must not allow her mind to think about the dirty clothes that need washing , or the groceries she must buy tomorrow. 

4 )  Husband and wife must talking during sex

During sex , both husband and wife should be saying things like " My Orgasm is still for away ", " Please touch me here "  ,  etc...

How to remove unwanted hair in our body?

How to remove unwanted hair in our body?




    4tsp wheat flour


    1tsp pudina paste


    1/2 tsp til oil


    1tsp water




    *use above ingredients and make paste


   * apply paste on your body regulalry form 15 minutes


    * wash with coll water


    *watch hair disappear


How to feel flake free skin ?

How to feel flake free skin ?


* We take 5gms of neem leaf in a bowl


* We apply paste along with lemon juice to the scalp.


* Wash off with water after half an hour.




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