Tips of nature in health foods


1. Aloevera:
              This is  the best for skin that oily skins and hairs for smooth and silky. This is the no side effects of nature product.
          Egg provides a facelift by tightening the pores and nourishing the skin. The while part of an egg is a wonderful cleanser. Apply it into your head an hour before your shampoo for a shampoo in special conditioning effect.Beat an egg and mix well it two teaspoon of brandy and apply before washing your hair.
            Potato is helps in cleaning the skin blemishes. Grate potatoes and extract the juice and apply it into the skin. Potato juice has tightening effect and it helps in reducings paffiness around the eyes. Mix cream or milk and pinch of turmeric powder in smashed potatoes apply this as a face pack. Grind the raw potato, wrap it in a thin cloth and keep this cloth covering over the eyes. This removes the eye blachness.
          Bathing the eyes in warm wayer to which a little salt has been added can really brighten them up. Salt mix with lemon juice and rubbed over teeth removes yellow patches over teeth.
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