The uses of Fruits of nature


1. Orange:
                   Keeps away skin problems, collect orange peels and dry them in sun. Grind the useas a facial mask. They are extremely good for toning the skin. Soak the orange peals in boiling water let it stand for overnight. Strain in the morning and use it as a strain.
2. Peach:
               A paste of peach applied the face as a mask is very good for dry skin.
3. Sweet lime:
                       It is very useful in curing hair problems, skin problems and also used for treating skin problems. It is a wonderful cleanser and cleanses the skin.
                      It has a nature of cleansing, soothing and mild astrigent effect on the skin. Grated cucumber with a little milk can be applied on the face for refreshing the skin. Wiping the skin with cucumber slices can benefit oily skins.It is removes dark circles under eyes.
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