Toothbrush bacteria free tips

Toothbrush bacteria free tips :

If you want to your Toothbrush is bacteria free ? It's very simple procedure for remove bacteria from your toothbrush . First take some salt water and heat it and soak your toothbrush in that hot water , you can do once a week . Your toothbrush will always free from bacteria .

Watermelon Shandy - Summer Drink

Summer Special hot drink Watermelon Shandy


Needed Ingredients  :


4 oz  -  fresh squeezed watermelon juice

4 oz  -  lemonade

8 oz  -  wheat beer


Procedure :

In a glass, take pour 8 oz of wheat beer. Top with lemonade. Slowly pour watermelon juice over beer mixture, and drink enjoy !


This is very nice summer drink for all , good health for all age people .


How to easily remove seeds from pomegranate ?

  Easy to Remove seeds from the pomegranate

  Take pomegranate Should be cut into two pieces.

  Every upside down and hold your palm up all the seeds fall, tapping lightly with a large or medium-sized spoon


For getting glowing hair

For getting glowing hair

Indian women’s hair beauty tips  : For getting glowing hair

1   1 . Grind a few whole green grams , lemon , peels
     2 . A handful of curry leaves and a few ‘rithas’ to a paste 
     3 . Apply to the hair before washing off

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