How to remove heavy dandruff by Nature method ?

How to remove dandruff ?

Very easy and simple method for removing dandruff in hair . First you take Neem leaves and boil in water well . Then cool the neem water for half an hour . Apply the water on head and full hair places. After 30 minutes wash the hair in cool water. Don't use any shampoos and Soap. All dandruff were removed . This is very easy home made daily bathing tips. The Hair also in thick black color .

How to keep vegetables fresh in long time ?

Vegetables are any edible part of a plant with a savory flavor. To keep vegetables fresh for long period in fridge , first up all you must line the bottom of the vegetables tray with a small towel or paper. Then place another towel on the top the vegetables to cover that. The towels will cover and absorb all the excess moistures. This is the easy and simple method to keep vegetables for long time freshness in fridge. One more remember clean towels are used for avoid bacteria .  

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How to remove oil stains from silk sarees ?

How to remove oil stains from silk Sarees ?


               First spread the Silk Saree in cot


               Then apply the sandal on the top of the oil stains


               After five or ten minutes wash saree with clean water


               After that dry the saree in room temperature



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