Men can't live without sex

Question :

I'm 6 months pregnant lady . My friends tell me , " Men can't live without sex . In the months ahead , your husband will chase girls; until the  day you can start giving him sex again . " I hate the thought of adultery. What can I do ? 

By Nirmala Singapore

Answer :

 Dear Nirmala ,

     Help your husband in two ways :

  1 ) Continue sex with him until the end of your 8th month . Then he should not enter your vagina for 4 weeks before childbirth , and 5 weeks after. During those 9 weeks , you can find ways to love and satisfy him .
    After the 9 weeks, enjoy sex again, but use family Planning so you don't become pregnant again too soon .

  2) Avoid the mistake that so many wives make, which is : The wife gets overly busy showing concern for her baby , and she forgets to show much concern for her husband .
Then the husband feels replaced by baby , and so adultery becomes a stronger temptation . 
    To avoid that , be careful to show much love to your husband even though you are busy caring for your baby .

Husbands : If you commit adultery , God will never say " It's not your fault .... It's your wife's  fault ". 

God doesn't believe that,
"Men's can't live without sex."
God knows men. He made them.
And he commands them not to have
sex before marriage, and to be 100%
faithful in marriage 

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